Oliver's Odyssey – 36

When Wendy gave birth to Dominic she realised what she had married.  Oliver was an abusive controlling nobody.   

During the first days of their marriage, Oliver tried to cut her off from her family.  Wendy became almost instantly aware of it, but made no sign or uttered a word.

Although she gave the veneer of oblivious to his machinations, she saw through him as glass. Behind his back she spoke to her mother and they created a smokescreen.

Wendy knew Oliver would never agree to her completing college, so developed her program.  When Oliver went to work, Wendy would go to her mother’s house with the baby. 

She would leave Dominic,  go to class,  then return to her mother’s house,  where she kept her books, pick up the baby and go home as if she’d never left the house.

Oliver departed for work at eight, her first class was at nine.  Her last ended at two.  

Wendy was able to do all her study between two and three fifty on campus then get to her mother’s house, leave her things, pick up her baby and be home by five, without rush.

Oliver had no idea his wife had returned to University, nor his son was with his mother in law during week days.

On weekends,  if Oliver wasn’t home for there were many projects the U.S. government ran on the island,  Wendy would study at her mother’s house.

In this way, Wendy completed her degree, unknown to Oliver.

Her timing was perfect, for she had her second child, Andrew, a week after graduation.


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