Not My Sister's Keeper – 8

As soon as Miri came home with Lynn, Cash didn’t exist.  The dog, who had been the centre of her life was suddenly an annoyance. She ignored him or slapped him,  because she was so  focused on Lynn.

Cash, the dog, flung from the centre of Miri’s life to the far side, became angry and jealous.  

It  became  so weird to visit Miri.   Where once she was ‘all Cash all the time’, she was now Lynn-centric.  

Then Cash ran away.  A search was done, the dog was found and returned.  I told Miri that Cash felt neglected.  With a sneer she  said, ‘Ruthie, Cash is a dog…”

Suddenly, he was just a dog.  

Before the birth of Lynn  the way she treated ‘the dog’ was more intense than how I treated my babies.

When Cash ran away the second time, Miri  didn’t bother to look for him.   It was as if he never existed.  

The only thing in Miri’s life was now Lynn.


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Written by jaylar

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