Nikolai Gogol

“Here’s the secret of health: be as serene as possible, try to be as mischievous and cheer as you can until you , even if not always very cheerful; i always remember the wise rule that’s all, really, anyway. “(Gogol) On this day in 1809 in the village of Veliki Soročonci in Ukraine was born the great Russian writer Nikolai Gogol. He wrote prose, poetry, drama, literary critic, translator, painted, taught history … In his literary work decisively influenced friendship with Pushkin, and he himself made a great impact on the latter of Russian writers. Dostoyevsky said, “All of us came out of Gogol’Šinjela’”. Although he did not live long, is one of the greatest Russian writers of the 19th century. In the Serbian language was first compiled in 1856, and among its interpreters were Laza Lazarevic, Milovan Glisic and Stanka, Prime Minister Stanislav Vinaver … “Auditor” at the National Theater in Belgrade was in 1870. Yesterday and today the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, held an international scientific conference “Gogol and Slovenian worl

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