New Twist In Burari Mass Suicide: Monstrous Occult Practice

The handwriting of notes written in Mass Suicide’ from the Bhatia House, which have been found in the register and diaries, has brought a new twist in the story. According to the handwriting experts, 33-year-old daughter Priyanka of Pratibha who was Daughter of Narayani Devi had been engaged 20 days ago used to write notes on her uncle Lalit’s guidance and instructions.

On Wednesday, the police in the investigation also claimed of recovering 11 diaries from Bhatia House, in which mysterious and horrendous instructions were written to be followed.

The police found 2-3 handwritings in the diaries, indicating that when the Lalit was remaining in the subconscious state, he was instructing his wife and Children to write. Lalit also had strictly instructed his family members that they should not be discussed with any outsider about this occult practice.

Lalit had promised to the family members that if all of them obey him they can get ‘great power’. It seems that the family began to rely heavily on their point of view and it was also making predictions about the advantages and disadvantages in their lives. After finishing ‘Sadhana(occult practice)’, Lalit instructed women and children to open hands with each other.

There are many clear indications that following the directions of Lalit ,the whole family got ready for ‘final monstrous  action’ to thank the God. He said that his father’s soul is protecting everyone and he has made the family financially strong. He used to explain this by giving a fine example. He used to say that his business is growing due to the deceased father and in 11 years now there are 3 shops from  mere one.

In one page of the diary it was written that the ‘Salvation’ (path of God) will start with 9 people on the’ occult trap’. Baby (Pratibha) will have to stand on the stool beside the temple, the order for dinner shall be given at 10 o’clock, the mother will feed everybody, the action of the final ‘Occult Practice’ will be initiated at 1 o’clock, the wet cloth will be filled up in the mouth, the hand will be tied with Doctor’s Tap .

According to the instructions, the family had started ritual since June 24, which was to end on June 30. Everyone was asked to keep a cup of water before hanging. 

According to the instructions, ‘as soon as water changes the color’ he will come to save us.

Police suspects that women and children have been assured that as soon as they jump from the stool, someone will catch. In a note, it was written, ‘A person should do the work of tying binding, hands should be separate, mouth should be separate, there are 9 fences on the net, baby should be different, stick on different stool and point out to a fine stick.’

Lalit even had warned that if any questions were raised on the orders of the deceased father, then it would be the day of ‘doom’. Lalit explained this by giving the example.

He Said,” Priyanka followed him and therefore he became engaged despite being Mangalik(a kind of Hindu’s Believe that the daughter born not to marry). Lalit gave himself the credit for topping in the school of Bhanesh’s daughter Maneka. All the children of the family were studying at Virendra Public School at Timarpur in North Delhi.”

An another entry in the diaries found by the police in the investigation that  indicates  Lalit often used to argue with his father. Lalit started his job against the will of father Gopal Das, while the father wanted him to take up his desired Plywood business. After the death of his father, Lalit started to take care of the same Plywood business, but in the same year he became a victim of an unprecedented accident, which according to him had a message from his deceased father.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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