“She’s forty, unmarried, no kids?”,  Pam said, lighting a cigarette, “What did you expect?”

“Um, gee… you look like Pam, but didn’t Pam used to be a feminist?”  Lisa tossed with a contrived goofy look.

Leaning over the table, focused on Lisa, Pam enunciated;

 “I am a Feminist.  I’ve marched, sat in, been jailed,  just like you and Dee,” she chin pointed, “and Greta..” she did a side glance,  “and of course, Cindy.”

The women sitting at the table looked at Pam, who’d they’d known for nearly forty years.

“Look, Sisters, we have to recognise reality.  Women like Teresa who, (she made finger quote) ‘wind up’,  in her (more finger quotes) ‘position’, are often neurotic whack jobs.”

Everyone bristled, for it was almost ‘illegal’  for a feminist as Pam to make these remarks.


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Written by jaylar

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