Neurotic – 7 (end)

The women noddd,  “You’re not wrong…”  Dee said to Pam then to Lisa,

“The fact is here are two women, representative of a battalion of women who ‘suddenly’ find themselves at forty, unmarried, with no children.”

“The repulsive traits they evidence, were always there.  Maybe when they were younger they were less neurotic,  but they always had those traits.   It was those traits which slammed doors, those traits which blossomed at they passed their thirty fifth birthday, and now define them.”

“So your view…” Pam gave, “is that if they were a bit less repulsive at twenty and married and had children, those traits would have evaporated?”

Lisa added; “If they had married and had children, they would not hate themselves, they would not crave attention, they would not be neurotic today.”



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Written by jaylar

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