Nature Center of Serbia

In the heart of Serbia, only 6 kilometers from the highway is Svilajnac. It is in this city of tourists from all over the world and Serbia have the opportunity to visit a unique museum in this part of Europe – Nature Center of Serbia. Built on the most visited tourist route – only 6 km from the highway (E 75), and the regional road Markovac-Svilajnac-Despotovac near the complex of sports and tourist center Nature Center Serbia is Belgrade is 110 km; from Kragujevac, 45 km; Nis 132 km; Smederevo, 60 km. Nature Center Serbia was formed in 2015 and only during its first year visited by more than 80,000 visitors, which testifies to the great importance of this scientific institution obrazvne. Since then this institution is constantly growing, but so far he has visited more than 150,000 people. In a modern and interesting way Natural History Center in Svilajnac Serbia promotes scientific tourism and popularize science. Settings at the Natural History Center is particularly looking forward to children and schoolchildren, and this is the best opportunity for their children through the nine museum settings you make in the world of science and prirodnjaštva.


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