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National Park Sutjeska

National Park Sutjeska is the oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Serbian Republic entity. The nearest town of Foca. Here is one of the four last virgin forest in Europe – Perucica. In Sutjesci is the highest mountain top Republic Serbian, spray (2386 m). This area has always been very attractive to many scientists, botanists, geologists, zoologists, and forestry experts.Izmrđu other things, a list of birds includes 9 species of woodpecker, which represents 90% of the family in Europe. This rugged terrain helped the partisans in the defense against the Germans in the decisive battle, known as the “Fifth enemy offensive” or Battle of Sutjeska. Battle of Sutjeska was in 1943 and is considered one of the toughest battles of World War II in the former Yugoslavia. On this occasion in 1971.


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