Myths of American History – 4

Indentured labourers did not chose to leave the country in which they were born, they were transported.

There were those who were looking for a new life and afford the cost, left their countries for the New World. There were those who due to discrimination or danger, chose to leave. But many were transported against their will,

There was a lot of dissension.

The problems increased when the number of indentured labourers, completing their term were supposed to get land and supplies, but there was no land to give them.

This problem was ‘solved’ when Anthony Johnson petitioned the Court to have John Castor ruled to be his’slave’ not an indentured labourer.

The quirk of history is that Anthony Johnson was from Africa and had been an indentured labourer who now owned one of the most profitable tobacco plantations in Jamestown.


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Written by jaylar