More People Will Speak French by the Year 2050

French is the second most studied language in the world.  But it is believed that a boom in French-speaking African states will significantly increase the percentage of global French speakers by the year  2050.  You don’t say?  Because even though, according to a list for 2020, French is included among the most commonly spoken languages in the world, I still sort of wondered why more people in the world didn’t speak the language. (O.o)

So glad to know the French language might become a more spoken language and not just a studied language. I love the language.  When I lived in Maryland USA from 1988 to1995, there was a school there that taught the children in French. At the time it seemed odd. But I guess the educators were thinking ahead! What vision!


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  1. French is the first foreign language that most British children learn at school, which is not surprising given that France is within easy reach. However, that does not mean that we – as a nation – are particularly good at French!

    I learned French and German to O-level at school, and a smattering of both languages has served me well ever since.

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