Monument to Stevan Sremac and Kalča, Niš, Serbia

Monument to Stevan Sremac and Kalča, Niš, Serbia 

Stevan Sremac, one of the most important writers of Serbian realism (the most famous works: “Pop Cira i pop Spira”, “Zona Zamfirova”, “Ivkova slava”) lived in Nis from 1879 to 1892 ., where he worked as a history teacher in high school. In Nis bear his name First Nis Gymnasium and the National Library, and founded the city and the event “Days of Stevan Sremac” which is held every year in late November. At the beginning Kazandžijskog alley, once famous artisan city street is a monument to this writer. Bronze sculpture depicting Nis hunter Kalce with faithful dog Cap and writer Stevan Sremac, work of the academic sculptor Ivana Felker.


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