Monogamy – Huh? Part 1

Derek was looking at Bonnie. Two day sago he’d have quit his job and moved a thousand miles away to be with her.

Now, no.

Now, he could get up from his seat in the restaurant, walk out, without so much as a shrug. He didn’t focus on it, because it was how it always was and had been.

After the meal he drove her to her apartment. When he was ending a relationship it was always her place for the tryst so he could leave her.

After Derek had bedded her and was putting on  his clothing, leaving her sleeping, he recalled a poem he read in High School; part of the last stanza circled in his mind;

‘and now the fancy passes by, and nothing doth remain’.

As he drove home, he let the quote play as one of those tunes which gets caught in the brain.

He got home, and showered, got into bed.  He fell asleep and was woken by the alarm. When he checked the time and date, realised it was his thirty fifth birthday.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar