In homage to the passion evoked by the great painter Modigliani and his hot rivalry with Pablo Picasso’s endlessly enchanting film story brings the last days of the famous genius. The untold story of the eternal competition between Modigliani and Picasso is the central theme of the film, but everything is shown from the perspective of Modigliani, whose artistic life to this day amazes. The film takes place in Paris in the years after World War II. Modigliani, who is a Jew, falls in love with Ginny, a young Catholic girl. The couple have an illegitimate child Dzinina parents sent to a monastery. In order to raise enough money, Modigliani applying the painting competition which would in normal circumstances be beneath. In response to its notification also makes his long-time friend and rival – Pablo Picasso and the whole of Paris is very excited and eagerly waiting to find out who is the winner …. Film of Modigliani – art about art! His passion was life, his obsession with art! This is the story of Amadeo Modigliani and his rivalry with Pablo Picasso, and his tragic love with Jean Abitrn. The story takes place in Paris in 1919. Modigliani is a Jew who falls in love with Jean, young and beautiful Catholic girl. The couple has a child out of wedlock and Anina strict parents send a child to a monastery where the nuns to raise it. Modigliani was desperate and in need of money in order to save the child and raised him. Dilution, located in the Paris competition of artists that offers the winner a cash prize. But rival is his dear friend of Picasso,


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