Misconceptions – 8

When the Cold War ended, when the Berlin Wall fell and various states which made up the Soviet Union gained their ‘independence’  the belief  was that Peace had come.

Although the C.I.A. and other espionage units kept themselves only a few feet back from Cold War level, the same conceptions prevailed.

Blind and deaf to what was happening in the Middle East; the overthrow of the Shah of Iran took people by surprise. The action of Sadam Hussein were also stunners.

For a guy driving a bus in Kingston to not know what was brewing in the Middle East is a shoulder shrug.  For people paid to work in the C.I.A. to be taken by surprise was a serious failing.

The major misconception of the 90s was that the Soviet Union was America’s only enemy.

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  1. One small misconception in your piece – you give the impression that the Iranian Revolution took place after the fall of the Berlin Wall, although it happened 10 years before that event.

    But you are correct – anti-American sentiments have always been widespread and Americans continue to delude themselves that everybody is on their side. When a nation throws its weight around, tries to tell everyone else what to do and always acts as the world’s dictator rather than its leader, then it cannot be surprised at making enemies.

    I look forward to seeing the remains of the Berlin Wall later this week. The hotel I will be staying in from Thursday to Monday is just over the road from one of the few remaining sections.

    • Kingston Jamaica, where else? The point is, if I don’t know what is happening in Iran or Turkey or Yemen, it is no biggie. I need to know what effects my life. But if you work for the CIA which is supposed to be spying on the world… picture different.

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