Matching Pieces – 4

Rose was born into a happy loving family which had no issues.  They lived in their means and never wanted anything they couldn’t buy.  Popular in the district, Rose grew in a community of people very much like her.

When she entered the work force it was in a company owned by a friend of her family in which many people in the district worked comfortably.

As the office was some distance away, a good friend of her parents, who owned a set of flats, rented one to Rose at a very low rate.

Rose would walk or ride her bike to work each week day.   On weekends she would go home unless there were events she wanted to attend in the town.

Rose like shows and exhibitions, fairs and various lectures.   She went to the Opera, which was new to her, as well as concerts.

As she didn’t mind her own company she never ‘needed’ anyone to go with her.   In many cases, there were others who wanted to go to the same event.   It wasn’t  a contrived date, it was a group made up of people with the same interest.


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