Loved Me Deeply


“Hello” Peter answered

“How was your day?”

” My fake job was fine. Since I am fake why are you here?”  Peter said sarcastically “You have no idea how much that hurts me for you to think that about me, to say those words to me.”

” I can have a plane ticket waiting for you at the airport.”

“I have to do things the right way, the legal way. You know the fake UN.” Peter replied.

“I won`t send any money to those people.”

” I think I know how to prove myself to you, so you will stop with thinking I am fake, go to walmart and buy a $500 steam wallet card, then I can activate my private account, have a check sent to you and you can pay the UN for my vacation.” said Peter

“Tell me, I buy it and you get the numbers and then what?”

” A man named Brian will have a check sent to you, $15,000. Pay the UN and keep the rest.” Announced Peter

” No. I dont want any money.”

“Why? You deserve something for doing this for me.” replied Peter

“No I don`t want any money.”

“Honey just got get the card so I can get out of this place, its getting worst by the day, I told you my colleague died a couple days ago, got bombed. Please just do as I say for once.” said Peter

“Okay, I`m headed to work.”


“Nope! he is still with the game, he won`t admit to being a scammer and now he wants a steam card.”

“Get rid if him Angie, He does not want to change, block all the scammers, there is no future with him” Trent advised

” I am, I gave him one more chance to come clean and he won`t. Thank you my voice of reason”

“Anytime Angie” said Trent


“Hey girlie girl, why are you so sad? You knew he was not real a long time ago, that is the life he chose. You have passed over one that you might just like, go back, hear him out.” said God.

I hear the dings  and I ignore them, I turn off the app. I need to get work done. The more I think about it the madder I get.

I go for lunch and my walk, I am glad not many people are walking. I walk more and faster, I did 4 miles. Thinking and it hits me, I know what to say tomorrow. I will not answer Peter till tomorrow.


“Hey, How was your day?” Marvin asked

“It was good how was yours?”

“It`s all good, I am glad you decided to give me a chance, I promise online dating is not that bad, I will make you the happiest woman in the world.” Proclaimed Marvin.

“Okay, I have to learn to trust again.”

My heavenly father, is this man for real?

“You never know unless you take the risk.” replied God


“HELLO! I know you are there I can see you read my texts and you are not answering, if you dont want me just say so but stop ignoring me” Peter texted

“I`m not nagging if that is what you think.” Peter texted

“Hello” texted Peter


“Why didnt you answer me?!?!” asked Peter

” You have no idea how bad you have hurt me.” I play the game

“What are you talking about?” Asked Peter

“All this time you had to power to pay for your own vacation but no! you put me through hell to get the money up and you knew I couldnt, you could have paid the 12,500 a month ago and been home already.”


“I just thought about it, when I was so frustrated.” explained Peter

“Did you buy the card?” Asked Peter

“No.  I can get you a plane ticket, go to the airport.” One last chance.

“OMG! why do you hurt me so bad? you want me to die here?” Peter said

” You signed up for this job, do your time and then come home.”

“That is almost a year! You don`t understand how is it here.” Peter said

“I love you and I will wait”

“I will die here and you don`t care.” Peter replied

“I love you and I will wait”

“I hate what you are doing to me, you don`t love me.” replied Peter

“I love you and I will wait”

“Just forget it, forget me. You don`t care.” Said Peter

“I love you and I will wait”

“You’re unbelievable, damn, Suit yourself! I wish you good luck in life,Go find that real man,Go find that perfect man.Bye, I took the wrong decision in loving you this deep..I thought that I have met my soul mate.  All the love, all the everything, I thought that it was real” replied Peter

” I love you and I will wait”

And Peter walked away……

But the spell was cast …. .. was it voodoo?

By Andria Perry

Art By Andria Perry


What do you think?

Written by Andria Perry


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