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Looking For My Friend

Haha! That is the happy man. He is so funny. High energy just like me. I know its all in fun, nothing will ever become of this so why not have some fun, smiling and laughing out loud, all the while alone in the house.

“Hey girlie girl! What is that look you have on your face? Smiles. Smiles looks good on you, what are you smiling about today?” Asked God ” Do you need some help?”

I cant help it, I know I should just walk away, I know its all a scam but maybe knowing is why its so fun, he knows I know its a scam. So he tries another way to get me to do as told, bend to his will.

This one is different, not a ghost.

This one is different, snaps photos of life at the moment and sends them.

This one is different, wants to video chat.

Why is this one different?

” Different people, different personalities, but yes, same scam. Each one goes at it differently. Have fun but know its not real.” God answered.

He wants me to open a bank account, for him to send money, so I ask for all his information. Haha! he wants it in my name, not going to happen!

Messages left with all the love talk, that is sickening! The true love and its fare we are together. Did you see me gag and then laugh?

“Yes I did, and yes, it is disturbing I must admit” replied God “Does he think you are a child? Who would fall for all that nonsense? Not even a child”

Had enough of this one, he is cute but a pretty face is not everything.  Block!

I sit alone waiting.

And I wait more.

My hand empty………………….

By Andria Perry

Photo by Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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