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Life is life. The simple fact is that we awake each day, do what is expected of us and go to sleep each night. Of course, I don’t remember the moment of my birth but I do remember that my first thoughts on life were that mom had brought me into this world and in this world, I was to stay. Imagine my utter shock, surprise, and perhaps a bit of anger when I was informed that we are here for only a short time and then we once again leave this world.

No one had told me this before and it took a while to sink in. Then came the denial – no way it can’t be. The fright of knowing that afterlife there was death and finally the acceptance that this how it is for all of us. Life as such is beautiful, colorful and grand. For all the bad times there are good times that compensate. Family and friends are a delightful part of life. Work is what we must do to participate in living and to get what we want. At the best of times, life is like a tango, during our most joyous hours like a wild roller-coaster ride and at sad times like a slow waltz.

In my opinion, life has a sister and her name is Fate. Fate sometimes takes people by the hand and leads them to where they must go. Fate led me from New York to Riga, Latvia where I finally met the one person with whom I would spend the rest of my life. He was my soul mate. Now that he is gone and joined the angel choirs Fate’s hand pointed me to my homeland the U.S. once again turning my life around.

Is it fate that brings about natural disasters, fatal accidents and such we can’t know for sure but we can be there to support those and their families who have to go through these tough times.  Life should be cherished and never thrown away. If life sometimes gets tough and the road seems like a climb up a steep mountain think of all the good things you do have and let family and friends lead you through the bad times.

If we are healthy then we must pray for those who are less fortunate so that they may get well and be able to enjoy life. It is wonderful to see life through the eyes of children who have their own way of looking at things and making everything seem so simple. I have found that if at any time I start doubting my life that an incredibly peaceful feeling comes over me if I walk through my house and sit down for a while in each room and look about me. I see the things that are well known to me, I see how much I have and I see that all around me is a peaceful aura which makes this my home. So walk about your house or apartment and find the peace and love that is there.

Music is a great accompaniment to life. I put on my favorites and suddenly I am back in yesterday, back in high school, back where I once had so much fun. Some songs bring tears and some laughter but they always bring contentment and joy to the heart. Life without music would be sad indeed.

Life is fulfilled as long as we have all our senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. For these alone, we can thank to be so blessed to have them. People who are deaf or blind have a hard road through life but they learn to make the most of the senses they have and it is remarkable to know about such people like talented Stevie Wonder who is sightless but gives back to others fully with his singing and his music and the master Beethoven who was deaf but wrote fantastic symphonies. From these, we must take lessons and do the best we can with all we have and count our blessings every day.

Some interesting quotes on life:

Is life worth living? That depends on the liver. –Anon (c.1855)

Why should there be such turmoil and such strife,

To spin in length this feeble line of life? –Bacon, Translation of Psalm XC

Life ain’t all beer and skittles, and more’s the pity; but

what’s the odds so long as your happy? – George Du Maurier, Trilby

Life is made up of sobs, sniffles and smiles with sniffles predominating. – O. Henry, Gift of the Magi

Happy the man, and happy he alone,

He who can call to-day his own;

He who, secure within, can say:

“To-morrow do they worst, for I have liv’d to-day.” – Horace, Odes, III, 29 (Dreyden trans.)

Life is real! Life is earnest!

And the grave is not its goal. – Longfellow, A Psalm of Life

Life is just one damned thing after another. – Frank Ward O’Malley (authorship disputed)

A little pain, a little pleasure

A little heaping up of treasure;

Then no more gazing upon the sun.

All things must end that have begun. – John Payne, Kyrelle

In conclusion, I must add the lines uttered by one of my all-time greatest heroines, Scarlett O’Hara, Gone with the Wind –

Tara! Home. I’ll go home. And I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all… Tomorrow is another day.

And tomorrow though not promised hopefully will be another day and I’m sure we all have our Taras to retreat to.

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    • Thank you so much. My dearest friend in whose house I live in is a real drama queen and I am constantly gently reminding her to be thankful for what she has and that life has so much to give. Finally, she partly inspired me to write this.

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