Learn From Our Mistakes, By Being Accountable For Our Actions

Not taking responsibility for our actions is one of the greatest failings, a human being can be accused of is indifference or not being accountable for our actions. 

Several years ago, my wife left our daughter in my care, while she ran an errand for us.  She had been gone for less than five minutes when our daughter fell out of her high chair because I didn’t thoroughly check to make sure she was secure. I was busy doing my version of multi tasking, and had forgotten to focus on the most important thing, our daughter’s safety. I failed her.

Yes, “I am human and humans make mistakes” but, more than anything, It made me realize that one single mistake could have cost her her life, or at the least changed her life drastically. At that moment I didn’t have time to feel sorry for myself.I ran to her, wrapped my arms around her screaming body, and soothed her with kisses, tight hugs, and placed ice on the lump protruding from the left side of her head.

She cried for ten minutes, then gave me a gorgeous smile that allowed me to know she was fine. This ten month girl had found time in her pain to soothe her careless dad. I continued examining her to erase my guilt. As I looked at her, she started to laugh. At that moment, I realized the power of spirituality. She knew, I knew, that we would be together in this life, that was granted me that day; her safety always should be first, better habits needed to be employed from that moment on.

 I placed her back in her high chair, made sure she was strapped in and secured this time, then my wife arrived and we dined as a family.

My lesson in accountability today is, that all mistakes need to be corrected if possible, or at least not be repeated; there is no time to feel sorry for ourselves when we failed someone especially someone we Love. Love means changing bad habits to strengthen relationships….


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