Laughing Stock

No leader in any nation has ever behaved as infantile as the American President.  He is the laughing stock of the entire world.  

Everyone leader graciously steps down, not the American President.

He acts as a toddler who was never toilet trained throwing a tantrum.   

One knows he’s mentally unbalanced, always has been.  That racists elected him is not shocking. That non-whites support him is.  

Everyone knows how prejudiced he is, that he thinks non-whites are inferior.  Well, they’ve proved it by voting for him. Can you imagine voting for someone who disparages your race/sex/ethnicity?  Americans can and do.

If he loses, they will have to physically toss him out.

We believe that as soon as it is clear he lost,  his wife will leave him with their son.    That all of the idiots who’ve been crawling at his feet in the Senate and House of Representatives will distance themselves.  That Fox news won’t give him a platform and all his ‘tweets’ will have warnings.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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