Last Tango in Paris

Last Tango in Paris deals with the theme of eroticism, but also despair, love, possessiveness, selfishness … Colors prevail in personnel are yellow, orange and red, and everything is complemented by Latin jazz Gata Barbijeri. Virtuoso and self-taught tenor saxophonist, masterfully written by the subject of “Last Tango in Paris Suite”, which is valid for a jazz standard.

Melancholic orchestration Oliver Nelson with tango rhythms and Barbijeri solo on saxophone, evoke the theme of the film it better than the film itself! Even the names of the songs themselves: “Why Did She Choose You?” “It’s Over”, “Jeanne”, tells us the story of the main characters. The film culminates with live music in one of the last scenes, where we listen to “Un Largo Adios” and watch dance couples dancing tango. No matter what the actors who interpret the main roles,


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