Lalit had done ‘salvation’ rehearsal many times: BURARI HORROR

Neighborhood in the shadow of terror as the Blind Believe turned to a Father Life Threatening


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The Pages of the said horrified Notebook that was seized by Delhi Police has been revealed how Lalit has sacrificed for his family of 11 Members who were hanged till death with silence without any fear till death in Burari area of North Delhi just a couple of Days ago.

This shocking incident of all 11 member’s of a Family who allegedly did commit mass suicide in search of salvation. Lalit’s father Bhopal Das was killed in 2007. Lalit used to say that since then his soul comes to me and tells me what to do. Delhi Police refuses any tantric behind 11 deaths as the Master Mind in this terrific incident in North Delhi.


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Lalit had assured the family that he received a message from the heavenly Father. In the note, the mention of Mars, Saturn, Veer and Sunday words indicates that these processes have been adopted repeatedly. This was written in the diary of everyone’s hearts and minds that ‘looseness and unbelief are harmful.

‘ Reconciliation and mutual cooperation are needed in reverence. Do faith and perseverance, use medium light. ‘

The spot in which the people hanged in the house was less light due to the trap on the upper part. After the death of 11 people of the Bhatia family in suspicious circumstances and Sant Nagar has an atmosphere of fearas in  street no. 4. Neighbors say that after this horrified incident they are unable even eat and drink. Some others of the area said that they are unable to sleep a moment at night.Children and women are more scared. Relatives of Bhatia family also have no intention of staying in that house. After 13 days, a havan will be done at home. On Tuesday, the ritual ceremony of the ragas outside the house was also performed. People are also saying that no one will buy this Horror house.

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The daughter of this house Priyanka’s fiancée also said that the family was very quiet and Priyanka did not believe in things like Tantra-Mantra. The fiancee also said that if suicide was intended, why would he engage and why the preparations for marriage would be made.

According to police sources, Bhool Das was the father of Lalit. Lalit told the family that since then father comes to his dream. Lalit started feeling that he was in touch with the dead father. On Tuesday, the police confirmed this to the people, who said that the children of Lalit often used to say to those who read together, ‘Today grandfather had come to our father again.’ As the speculation was that the family had committed suicide in the wake of a Tantric Baba(Priest of Occult Practice), the police dismissed it on Tuesday.

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Lalit started writing the words of some father in the register from the year 2007. Police has so far received over 20 registers and diaries. A register has been written since 2007. If you look at the 24 June note to the police, then every line has different meanings, which insists that the whole family did not want to die. According to the police sources, in the condition that all bodies found in the house, seeing the body of elder brother Bhuvanesh alias Bhupi, it seems that in the end, he has tried to avoid the trap from topping his face in the end. But he could not escape. The police feel that this incident was just a rehearsal of their salvation and it had been going on for the last several days, in which the whole family expected that if they would hang with the hanging of the gallows, then the father would come and save. Then they will help to open each other’s hands.

But in fact it could not happen and in search of Salvation with their undesired occult practice forced all 11 into the death trap.


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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)


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