Konstantin “Kosta” Cukic (1826 – 1879)

Konstantin “Kosta” Cukic (1826 – 1879) was the Minister of Education and Finance in the government of Prince Mihailo. As Minister of Education turned the Lyceum into the high school with three faculties. Reformed the primary school, grammar school and the seminary, founded Realka and higher girls’ school. Enhance the school programs and more space given natural and technical sciences. He introduced the high school musical and artistic education. Serbian Association of the ceremony, which was Prince Michael repealed on 27 January 1846, on a proposal from Koste Cukića re-established under a new name – the Serbian Learned Society. At that time in Serbia there were as many as 43 different types of foreign money in circulation. His efforts to establish Serbian currency crowned with Serbian copper money (five years later got a gold surface) in denominations of 1, 5 and 10 para sa portrait of Prince Mihailo on the obverse.


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