Klara,Blanka,Nina LEVI

LEVI KLARA Klara was accomplished ensemble musician. She played the piano, Spanish guitar and saz, often in ways that complement Rifka in her early performances by Sarajevo gatherings, dances and parties. Legends say that the sound echoed old Spain and courtyards and gardens whenever she walked them. She married a certain Dvorniković of Split from the family and also his life journey ended in New York, away from your Vratnika. BLANKA LEFT BLANK, which is considered one of the  Kalam, married the pre-war Sarajevo industrialist KUIC Methodius, who, though a supporter and financier of the national liberation movement, pass the post-war communist casemates as an enemy of the people.

In Belgrade birth to a daughter Gordana, which will become an award-winning writer best known for her best-selling book “linden blossom in the Balkans” in which he sung with his mother and aunt. The novel was later filmed. NINA LEVI Sisters Left jointly held a fancy salon hats “Chapeau Chic Parisien” which was located right across the hotel Europe and represented the first expression of women’s entrepreneurship in this region, about one today, almost one hundred years later, NGOs hold round tables and symposia, ostensibly teaching us that women need to be drivers of social development. Brain salon was calm and poised Nina – fifth Sister Levi, who was buried in Zagreb, this charming family sourpuss, as he called sisters.


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