Kid Books

Who has read any good children’s books lately. I just finished reading a small collection of young children’s books and a young teen book. The first one I read was a Berestain’s Bear story sharing a lesson on what happens when you are sick home from school and having fun and not doing homework that was sent home. This is a story of learning to live with the consequences that occur for not doing what you are suppose to do. The other books were picture books that were mainly introducing basic sounds and practicing page turning and left to right progression. The last one was a junior high level book entitled ‘Ghosts’. This is a story of a junior high girl who has to move from her old neighborhood because it is best to move for her younger sister has Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and needs a fresher climate for it would be easier to breathe for her. It is a story of learning how to accept life and probable death along with learning about the Spanish culture.


What do you think?

Written by 1Mark


  1. Reading is so important. My first gift to people when I find out they are going to have a child is to start their children’s library. There can never be too many books.