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Jules Verne

“It is interesting that many of the writers who have written very different prose was influenced by his books. Playwright Eugene Ionesco is even said that all his works were written as praise captain Haterevog conquest of the North Pole. Georges Perec, the famous French experimental writer in many of his novels says allusions to Jules Verne, a US science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury, said: We are all, in one way or another, the children of Jules Verne. “(David Albahari) On this day in 1828 in Nantes, one of the largest ports of France, was born writer Jules Verne, one of the founders of the genre of science fiction, visionary and world traveler. As a boy he escorted ships from the harbor and dreamed of sailing on the high seas. In his books today takes us on a trip to the high seas and countries, but also the past and the future and to other planets. He began writing as a boy, but under pressure from his father, a prominent lawyer, went to Paris and enrolled in law, but after graduation decided to write. When you get married, to support his family, he began his career as a broker on the stock exchange, but that did not detract from your writing. Every morning I would wake up early before work and writing. He wrote novels, short stories and essays, and in his youth he wrote theater plays and opera librettos. He said that all that one man can imagine, other men can achieve. Jules Verne is to this day one of the most read and most translated writers in the world. In the Serbian language among the first to have it translated: George Magarašević, Branko Mušicki, Milovan Glisic, Sava Petrovic … In the novel “The Danube bandits” Verne heroes and visit our region, but also mentioned in the novel and Novi Sad, Petrovaradin, Sremski Karlovci , Zemun, Belgrade, Smederevo,


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