Ježevica Monastery

Ježevica Monastery is located in the eponymous town near Cacak. The temple is dedicated to St. Nicholas and according to tradition was founded by King Milutin. According to local sources, the monastery was founded during the reign of Emperor Dusan. In architectural terms, the church has based Cross. The central part of the temple were painted the frescoes from 1609 depicting scenes from the life of St. Nicholas. Baroque bell tower was added later in the nineteenth century, and the narthex in 1846. The preserved frescoes on the life of the saint, the Virgin Mary, and the suffering of Jesus Christ. In the period from 1950 to 1951 taken as conservation work on the repair of the church and the roof. The temple was returned to its original appearance from 1846. Interestingly, the frescoes date from from 1609 and 1637, and that in a very special way of supporting the Serbian and Orthodox tradition.

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  1. Splendid monastery and such a high steeple. I would be enthralled to view the frescoes inside. It must be absolutely fantastic to enter and visit this grand old looking monastery. Thank you for showing Virily this stunning place.

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