Jamaican Sayings – 11

Finger Never Say Look Yah

This is a proverb which is quite apt today.

It means one never looks at their own behaviour, they point to others.


Recently, various bombs have been sent to those who opposed or oppose Donald Trump.

Even before election, Donald Trump practiced a vicious and dangerous way of attacking his opponents. He ridiculed, he insulted, he invented stories, created lies, and exhorted his followers to repeat them and to show an anger and hatred for those who didn’t kiss his foot.

The constant insults, the constant demeaning of others resulted in those mindless minions being inspired to ‘take arms’ against anyone who ‘threatened’ their master.

Now, he stands on a platform and attacks the various news agencies, as if it was they who caused this dissension.  As if it was everyone else, except him, who inspired attacks.

He is a perfect example of what this proverb is saying.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


    • Thank you for reading and commenting. But when that horrible Orange Monster spoke yesterday, refusing to take the blame for what he caused, the proverb leaped into my thoughts.