Introduction to Power


Whether a PTA or Political Party, a Club or Professional Group, there are those behind the Closed Doors, and those who are not.

There are those who confront the issues and decide how to deal with them, and those who have no idea what was done or said or the reasons why.

There are those who don’t know about the Closed Doors.   They don’t realise that what they are told may not be true, or the whole truth.  These are the sheep who will run around blabbing about what they don’t know.

There are those who have been behind those closed doors and know how the decisions were made, who know what is to be released to the public and what is not.

Sometimes, outside of the Closed Door is a Lobby of ‘supporters’ who can be told a bit more than the public, or who can be used to promulgate specific information.

Often those in the Lobby have an inflated sense of themselves and take on more power than they have, and announce more information than they possess.

Those in the Lobby are acceptable casualties and those on the road, the sheep, will bleat whatever they are told to.


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