Inside the Capsule – 6

Just as when the mean girl demanded the seat, Margaret continued to avoid what would put her in contact with the other students.

She would walk in the opposite direction if she saw a group by a door.   She would chose another  bathroom if they were in it.

When a teacher placed her in a group of students for a project,   Margaret would be silent.   If the pressure was great,  she would become ill.  Her mother would be called, arrive to take her home.

Margaret’s mother knew exactly what was happening.

A High School under the control of horrible brats,  looking for a victim, would naturally seise on the ‘new girl’.   As nothing at the school was of any importance,   there was none of the usual exhortations to try to ‘make friends’ or ‘stand up to..’.

Margaret’s mother, like Margaret wanted nothing to do with the town, the people, just survive for one year and get back to civilisation.

For the other kids at the school, this was their real life.   For Margaret it was not.

Margaret’s mother was not going to allow her daughter to be abused, insulted, discomforted by the ‘environment’ .     She was totally complicit in the various ‘illnesses’ which removed Margaret from the arena.


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