Inside of Myself – 3

Bob and I had another affair to attend, one connected to Bob’s job.  We left Jennie and Maxie, and drove there, spent a boring hour or so, then Bob dropped me home.

He me what I thought of my sister’s boyfriend, Maxie.

I paused then;    “I think I need more time…”

Bob said, “He seems okay… so far..”

“Hmmm…”  I gave.

Then we were at the apartment building where  I lived with my folks and Jennie.  We kissed, as we usually did, and I got out of the car.   He watched me go to the door of my building, open it.

I almost forgot the pattern but at the last moment, I turned and waved,  he beeped, and drove off as I continued in.

I got into the elevator.  I was so confused that if asked my name, I’d have to look in my wallet for identification.

I had never felt this way before   Ever.

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Written by Tall Awah

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