Innovative Teaching Strategies in Nursing and Related Health Professions (book review)

This was a textbook that I read that belonged to my sister when she was studying for her doctorate in nursing.  She is a Family Nurse Practitioner and she can put ‘Dr.” in front of her name if she desires to do so.

Innovative Teaching Strategies in Nursing and Related Health Professions written by Martha J. Bradshaw and Beth L. Hultquist and published by Jones & Bartlett Learning is a textbook not only for nursing students, but really for any subject area.  This is a good book for even education majors at the graduate level.  The authors have written a book that allows the students, teachers, and other interested readers a book that leads to self-directed learning allowing for discovery of ideas to use in many areas from education to counseling to social work not just the nursing profession.  This is also a book of relatively short chapters that cover areas from culture and diversity to teaching and learning from following debates, lectures, role plays, etc.  in the various from schools, hospitals and clinics and who will be doing the teaching of the various skills needed for and in practice.

This is a textbook I chose to read for it fit in with my interests in teaching and counseling skills as well as in my nursing skills and how these fields are related yet different.  The authors known as Martha J. Bradshaw and Beth L. Hultquist have written a textbook that illustrates various teaching strategies for nursing staff, preceptors and even teachers at various levels that they can use at various settings.  The language is understandable and only uses ‘slang’ when absolutely necessary.  This book is a success in my opinion, if I decide to go on for my PhD, which I very much doubt for this would be a good reference book to have and use for future research projects.  The only fault I find with this book, but in reality is why do these books all seem to repeat skills for at various times I knew I read about these various skills in other textbooks.  Words have been changed for easier understanding and I guess it is a way of not ‘reinventing the wheel’.  This textbook will be a good reference tool for teachers and writers and researchers.


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