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People are always looking for ways to increase their vocabulary.  TheInternet has practically eliminated borders so people want to improve their ability to communicate with others around the world.  There are all kinds of ways to do this.  I subscribe to free newsletters and they send me a new word each day to learn.  Another fun way to learn new words is through WOTY, i.e. the “Word of the Year”.  Here are some WOTY words for the year 2018.  (It”s too early for the 2019WOTY.)  These words may be new or they may be old words with a new meaning because of changes in the world.

Just out of curiosity, have you ever picked your own Word of theYear?


Some disagree over the translation.  They say it should be "woman power".  Either translation, I get it!






I love this word!


As far as I'm concerned this could be the Word of the Year every year.

What do you think?

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