Imprisoning Your Children

I was in America, visiting. My friend has three children who stayed locked  in the house unless they are taken somewhere.

They are driven to school. They are picked up from school. And they stay locked in the house.

They are taken to various places; an amusement park, the movies, a pool, by their parents. They can not go alone.

The eldest is twelve. Twelve years old and never took herself anywhere. Never has been allowed to go anywhere.

Oh I had a lot to say, but didn’t say it as Americans don’t permit free speech.

In Yard people say what they feel. Average people, not the pompous.

In Jamaica you can say;  “She’s acting like an idiot!”  in America everyone turns on you; “Shh!  You can’t say that!”

So, I didn’t say anything.

It is no ponder that the child will be over weight, no ponder that the child has less life experience than a Jamaican four year old. It is no ponder that the child will grow up in a locked virtual reality in which she will be afraid of the new and different.

The tragic part of this story, is that this kind of incarcerating child rearing is normal. That if a child was walking to the shop alone, this ‘neglect’ would be reported to the police.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


  1. I grew up walking to the local field to play baseball back in the 1960s. There were a lot of bullies back then and sometimes I would come home with a black eye because a bigger kid would beat me up to get the 50 cents Ice Cream money I had in my pocket. Nowadays so many bad things have happened to children in the USA that most parents are cautious and want to see their children safe. So many children have disappeared in the USA, victims of perverts who prey on kids. I don’t think it’s fair to criticize Americans who are just trying to protect their children.

    • What happens when the child is 20 years old and has to go to work all by herself? What happens when the child is in a dorm with dozens of others and has difficulty relating to people?

      In your case, someone should have walked with you, maybe a bad boy who could punch out the bullies.