Ibrahim Maluf

Trumpeter Franco-Lebanese origin, Ibrahim Maluf, was born into an artistic and intellectual family. His father was the seventh year of learning to play the trumpet through the classical and traditional Arabic music. Sensibility dragged him toward jazz, and this compound is responsible for Malufov success in one of the most exotic forms of jazz: the oriental jazz.

Because of his great talent, is considered one of the best trumpet players of his generation and one of the most important contemporary jazz musicians. Composing music for film Yves Saint Laurent (2014), Maluf is a delicate piano accompaniment and melodic trumpet lines created one of the finest jazz sheet music in the history of jazz.

His music in this score, reminiscent of the music of Miles Davis, but a bit on Jan Tirzah, especially on the piano. ingenuity, madness and tenderness of the famous fashion designer Iva Sen Lorena heard in every note Malufovoj. Yves Saint Laurent as a motion picture has not experienced a huge success, largely because they thought the audience and the critics were divided. Some have argued that this biopic extremely predictable and cliche complete, while others were fascinated by the fantastic scenery and especially .

Regardless of the overall quality of this embodiment, Maluf composed spinning compositions, as it perfectly fits into personnel Paris ( “Paris Match”), extravagant creation high mode ( “défilé 1962”, “défilé Christian Dior”), is described the Ivova feelings as he read Marcel Proust ( “Yves lit Proust”), love and friendship between Iva and Piero ( “Yves et Pierre”) … from these scores is difficult to single out favorites.


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