I Only Whispered Your Name

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I was watching an old episode of Will and Grace last night.  It was the episode where Grace bumps into the horse guy, the character played by Harry Connick Jr.  She literally bumped into him, while he was on horseback.

He came into her life in the most inconvenient time. Grace was trying to conceive a child with her best friend, and gay roommate, Will. The horse guy kept telling her, it’s fate. It’s destiny. He was relentless in his pursuit of her.

But why was Grace fighting it?  Why was she fighting her obvious attraction for him?  Grace was planning on having a child with Will, not with this new guy.  Somehow, this new guy didn’t fit into Graces’ pre-conceived notion of where her life was headed.

This is why Grace was fighting her attraction to him.

You can’t fight fate. You shouldn’t fight fate. This is the way in which our life is mean to unfold for us.  We are meant to coincidentally bump into people. It’s never a coincidence. It’s fate. Our job is to go with the flow. You can’t go with the flow if you are constantly fighting fate, as if you somehow know more than God.

Don’t tempt fate. People that do, more often than not, end up living the rest of their lives with regrets.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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