How Abusers Abuse Themselves – part 3

In the previous article I discussed Nick, an abuser, and his wife,Cindy, who caught his peculiarities early enough to escape.

This is the most miraculous part of the relationship. She perceived his need to deny her what he thought she wanted even though it was he who would suffer.

This was clarified when, as a surprise, she bought tickets to a football match for the team he supported, and he decided he was not going for irrational and illogical reasons.

As he spoke she realised he was operating on the assumption that she wanted to go. She didn’t. She didn’t care about football at all, and had only pretended to care to create a mutual interest.

This is how Cindy realised she had married a man with a very twisted mindset and needed to escape his clutches.

She was fortunate to catch his proclivities early enough to avoid physical abuse.

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