Homer’s wife II

Perhaps because of poverty, but more likely from petty vindictiveness, Calypso playing lovers in the overseas put in that little boat Poseidon breaks in no time. Luckily, Odysseus’s next stop was born scheria, the builder of the best and fastest ships of its era. Also fortunately, and through Athena’s help, Odysseus image castaways managed to impress Nausicaa, the daughter of the local king Alcinous. However, since only rescued from sexual slavery, Odysseus’s wife apparently over his head, and he has better things to do.

Alcinous sales sob story about his wanderings, and beautiful eyes and Trojan heroism receives ships that will take him to his beloved Penelope – although i Alcinous, and his daughter, looks like a hero to stay with scheria as a beloved father. After a friendly and forgiving par čeznutivih view Nausicaa remains the only woman on whose valiant ht Laertid not scratched. Interpretation of such results is different: some consider that the character belongs to the type Nausikaja simply perfect man, idealized device, some recognize  youthful daughter good host, and there are those that the ratio between Nausikaja and Odyssey like to call the oldest Friendzone to a world literature.


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