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Holy Water In A Woman`s Hand Against The Darkness

The Story…..

I know in many cultures a woman doing anything religious is not allowed. With that being said I personally don`t believe what man has to say about it, God is what matters to me, I am a child of the almighty God.

The house is filled with seers, things are getting bad, to many people, dead people are around. What in this world is that dark? Why is it in my face?

The drilling, yes that is what it feels like drilling in my elbow, what is it, why? Is the demon trying to attack me?

He feels it in his face, and sees a bluish light.

I can`t pray enough to get these people passed over and into the light, “go to God” I ask, there are to many and more coming.

I close down, I ask that everyone leave, the dead people. But the darkness remains, its not wanting to cross over, it wants to cause trouble.

Feeling over powered by this force of evil I reached out to a friend, a reiki master, she helped me. Told me how to make holy water and how to use it.

It was a full moon this night, unknown to me, when I used the holy water to cleanse my home of the darkness, I sprayed myself to begin with for protection, and I asked God for help as I did the walk, at the end he was asleep, the other seer in the house, I sprayed him gently with the holy water and he woke with a scream!

I sprayed it again and he had severe pain come from his jaw, where he has seen the blue light and felt the drilling.

I stopped and contacted the Reiki master, this was stronger than me , the woman with the holy water.

The reiki master did her thing but it was bad, very strong, she asked God to help and I was doing another cleansing, salting out the evil and recharging the protection stones that was blessed.

The darkness came in with visitors, visitors with ill intentions.

Before the night was over with the help of the Reiki master and God, the darkness is gone.

By Andria Perry

Photos by Pixabay

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Written by Andria Perry

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