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Who Is Hiding In The Face Of Jesus?

The subject of optical illusion is both a complex and enigmatic one which, while shrouded in mystery, has been around for many generations.

Optical illusions (sometimes called visual illusions) are cool images perceived in a manner that differs from objective reality. What the human eye sees is only subject to interpretation by the brain in a way that contradicts physical measurement of the source image. Information collected by our eyes is then prepared in the brain to give an interpretation that differs from the actual physical features of the original source.

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In my example above, the “Jesus Face” graphic is as enigmatic as He appeared to be in Biblical times. He once responded to this question from one of his disciples where he asked: “You always refer to your father, as though we should see Him, yet we have never seen him, why don’t you show us your father?” Jesus replied, saying: “If you see me, you see my father, for I am in my Father and He is in me.” 


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    • Indeed, Ghostwriter, as enigmatic as only God’s sons and daughters aught to be. I mean, when his beloved disciple, Peter was complimenting Jesus, he said, no one is good, but my Father, get thee behind me Satan! So, how weird was that? Yet, when we consider what he really meant, is that whenever we “do” good, our part in the matter, was allowing God to be revealed, because, only God is good. We are not good, but when we put pride and vanity aside, God, (good) in us becomes visible. Jesus even qualifies that statement by saying it,”No one is good, but my Father. Once we see this “hidden code” the Bible takes on new meaning. Thanks for commenting.

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