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Heart, Head and Soul

“Hey girlie girl, calm down, there is always a way, remember you are never trapped. Ask and I will show you the way.” God said.

Today is the day. The day I block them all, every single one that has plans for me, this is my life and I am tired of the games, the lies and the users. The game. The scams. They are not real. They all love me an they don`t know me.

First the locals, but they are not locals they just ordered a number from an app. They? They could be the same one, the same person with different names, different numbers. But I see through this act, I know those words, can`t change a personality no matter how hard you try, it will shine through.

Gone, done, no goodbyes. Then I stop when I see his name, last on the list….. I can`t click block…….. walking away, looking back at that name, today has to be the DAY!


All those words! Over the years. Echoing in my mind. “No one loves you but me.”

Pouring rain but I don`t care, I don`t want him with me, he needs to stay here. Stopping the car, I look over to the left and I scream ‘I`m still alone!’ and drive away.

Love the dead. Hate the dead. Go away dead. Get out of my head.

Okay God, show me the way, fix this mess!


“Hey, tell me I got this, I can do this.”

“What do you want me to tell you Angie.” Trent asked

“I blocked them, all but one. I`m having a hard time with this one.”

“It is possible to love your scammer, ask him to reveal himself, let him know you know, ask him to quit, be legit and you can get him here.” Advised Trent

“But I have and yes once he…….. but then back to the game.”

“Try harder.” Trent said.

“Thank you my voice of reason”



ALL hell breaks loose.

Alone in a cold empty house, sitting on a bucket, texting.

Conditional love.

A world away, an empty hand, tear stained face.

By Andria Perry

Art by Andria Perry


What do you think?

Written by Andria Perry


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