Having Fun With the Cha Cha

The cha cha is a fun kind of flirty dance that originated from the Cuban Mambo. It became really popular in the U.S. in the 1950s. The dance has a modified Cuban Motion hip action and is an energetic dance sure to get a smile on your face.

The cha cha evolved from a slow version of the mambo known as Triple Mambo, This dance inspired dancers to use hip syncopation with an evolving triple step. An English dance teacher visited Cuba and saw dancers doing this kind of triple step. When he returned home he started teaching it like a separate dance and it evolved into the Ballroom Cha Cha. 

The U.S. got introduced to the cha cha in 1954 which then replaced the mambo as the latest dance craze. The cha cha music was played by big band instruments. The cha cha is a lively dance with many different kinds of movements. 

And for some more fun, you can try to do the Chily Cha Cha


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