Halloween: The Talented Scary Figures

Scary father and daughter

Our three granddaughters, RR, Sophie and Angel got themselves dressed on and had a scary makeup to play on Treat or Trick kids game as we observe Halloween Day.

RR played the role of a killer white kid lady. Sophie as dangerous black kid lady and Angel as a wicked kid witch.

They did their horrifying activities past 8 at night. They ambushed people who were coming or going home from the public cemetery and they also visited small store to store along our street where we live in.

They went home full, happy and enjoyed their  game. They love doing and they will do it again next Halloween next year.

On the other hand our son-in-law Almon and her daughter Aja did something wonderful for they joined the talent show contest sponsored by one of the night clubs in our place.

Almon dressed in black suit with blood oozing from his eyes and lips as “Kapre”, a folkloric known to us locally won the contest as the Champion. He received $20 USD as his prize after rendering an excellent performance by singing “Still Loving You.”.

Aja donned with a dirty white dress with a horrified makeup done by his uncle, our youngest son, got the 3rd place in said contest by singing a local original song composition, “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na.” And she received $10 USD for her prize.

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