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The Groovy 70s: Music and More!

Who remembers the grooviest decade in the history of mankind – the 1970s? We were the New Generation and we held the future in our hands, the world was our oyster. But now it’s Nostalgia Time! Let’s remember those great days, and share the music and images of that age here. And hey – even if you’re too young to remember the 70s, you can re-live those magical days vicariously here 😀

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#14 David Geddes – Run Joey Run (with lyrics)

I remember this song from 1976 when I was 11 when a girl brought the record to class, and the whole class listened to music. I thought the song was kind of controversial and extreme back then, but worse things are happening today between couples.

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#18 Smokie – Wild Wild Angels (Official Video)

Released in 1976 on their album Midnight Cafe.

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  1. Wonderful selection; am surprised I know most of them! 😀 I guess growing up with older sisters helps… Thanks for taking me down memory lane – had a good time listening to many I haven’t for a long time…

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