‘Gray Wolf: A Legend of Ansu Fantasy’ (A book review)

What does revenge mean anyhow? In a novel entitled ‘Gray Wolf: A Legend of Ansu Fantasy’ is a story of medival revenge mixed with love, war, family and so many emotions that one must learn to deal and work with while living life.  ‘Gray Wolf’ is a story of Corin an Fol and his journey as a warrior in a ‘Wolf’ pack in so many words.  Corin has to deal with his own feelings along with all the people he meets along the way to fulfill what he needs to do.

J. W. Webb has written a novel full of description and action.  A story of friends and enemies that at times the reader was not sure which at times to the end of the book. ‘Gray Wolf’ is a novel full of graphic scenes that the author even uses a little foul language, but when these words were added it made the story more authentic to the times so to speak.  ‘Gray Wolf’ reminds the reader of various other novels of this genre, for example, a more adult version of ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Narnia Chronicles’.


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