Going Through These Things More Than Twice – 9

Just before World War I, the American President enforced segregation.  

Woodrow Wilson was a racist, always had been, and noting the integration of many African-Americans into various realms, encouraged white supremacy.

The powerless, uneducated white man was made to feel important and emboldened.   Hence, with the President behind him, he repeated the behaviours of his grandfather during the days of slavery.

This continued until the 1950s when the Civil Rights movement began to gain momentum. The Military was desegregated, schools were integrated, racism was no longer acceptable.

There were splits in the political parties, changes of focus.   A Black Man was able to become President.  

 Then Donald Trump came into office in 2016.

Racist, Xenophobic, Misogynist, he embodied all the traits that had been condemned  

He appealed to those ‘marginalised’ white racists, telling them he would Make America Great Again, meaning, WHITE.

He would block migrants, he would  yawn when another White Police Man killed another unarmed Black Man.

He would insure the rich were more equal.

He laboured to return America to those days of Woodrow Wilson.


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