Going Through These Things More Than Twice – 6

During the 70s/80s children were given ridiculously unhealthy food.

During the 1950s few foods had added sugar.  By the 1970s everything was stuffed with processed sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and all sorts of additives which had no positive value.

This was important to create an obese population.   What was desired by ‘advanced’ nations was a large population of mindless lazy sheep who couldn’t think for themselves and focused on food.

Sheep could belch “Whatever,”  because they didn’t have the brain capacity to reason.

This was followed by the cessation of streaming students, so that the least intelligent in the class set the lesson.

In the 1950s/60d bright children were placed into advanced classes, given intellectual stimulation.  

After streaming, the focus was on the comfort of the intellectually limited and average student.

Unless a child went to a specific kind of private school or had home schooling they would be raised to be sheep.

Those who became bored by the slow pace of their classes, were slapped with invented psychological terms to allow them to be sedated.

Parenting, which had for centuries relied on physical punishment was now changed to allowing the child do what s/he pleased.

However, by the 1980s, instead of children being free to roam their environment, active and  inquisitive, sedentary interests were provoked.  

From watching television, to playing video games, culminating in the current epidemic of binding to computer screens.

This lack of activity plus junk food has led to a population of fat kids oblivious to reality.

The desired result for those in power.


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