Going To Bat For My War Hero

November 1985, VA Hospital, Manchester, New Hampshire

My brother Peter returned to Massachusetts in July of 1985 after living in Florida for 16 years. He had gone through 2 divorces, lost his job at the Florida Mental Health Institute & was put on a flight to Boston by a member of his Vietnam Vets Support Group. I picked him up at the airport & drove him home to Gloucester. In a few days he was more like himself & I helped him get a job at Greater Lynn Mental Health & Retardation Association, the agency I worked for.

For a few weeks things seemed to be going better for Peter then the demons he has struggled with for years came back to torment him. He stopped going to work & spent several days in bed, not speaking to anyone. My mom and dad were completely stressed out; their 37 year old son was home but mentally over a thousand miles away. Mom sought advice from Father Redmond,a Catholic Priest and Vietnam veteran who knew personnel in the New Hampshire VA hospital-the best one in New England.

I sought advice from Joni Beasley, the Clinical Director at Greater Lynn Mental Health. Finally we were able to persuade Peter to check in to the Manchester VA hospital. My dad & I drove him to the center where for two weeks he got intensive treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Certain Angels who I will never know came forth to help my brother & I will never forget them for that.


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Written by PaulPallazola