Getting it So Wrong – End

A wise man once said, when you argue with an idiot it is hard to recall who is the idiot.

Many people don’t argue not because they are afraid to express their views or agree, they don’t argue because the person talking is not worth their breath.

As people are somewhat oblivious of their ‘audience’ more focused on what they are saying, they do not pick up on how others really feel.

Many people who don’t get into arguments are not placid or agreeing, they have contempt.   They couldn’t care less what a particular person or people think about anything.

Of course, no one knows, even though, if one is outside of the ‘circle’ it is kind of obvious.

The take away is never assume the reason this person doesn’t say anything, doesn’t express an opinion, isn’t bothered by certain behaviours, is positive.

In their eyes, to their ears, they are seeing and hearing a flushing toilet.

What do you think?

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Written by jaylar

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