Getting in Too Deep -3

I thought of pretending that I had met the actor years ago, we became friends and  he gave me this account because I’d been stalked and sworn off the Internet… some story as to why I had ‘his’ email account.

I wasn’t certain of what I was doing, so  walked away from the computer, the idea, and went on with my life.

About three days later,  I thought; ‘what the heck?’ and tossing  my resolve into the toilet, answered the emails if I was my name sake.

I figured, if the ‘Super Star’ was alerted of my duplicity and responded, well at least he did that.

So, there it was, me writing to these needy women in the voice of the actor who played the role which fascinated them.

I felt good about myself, for what reason I can’t define.  

I’m impersonating a person I don’t even like, but feel good about it.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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